GM Recall of Buick LaCrosse and Chevrolet Malibu

gm compensationGeneral Motors has issued another recall of a popular line of their American-made sedans. On May 8th, 2014 the company recalled nearly 9,000 brand new Buick LaCrosse and Chevrolet Malibu sedans, indicating that the brakes were installed improperly. The rear brake equipment was attached to the cars’ front wheels. According to a General Motors’ spokesman, though the improper installation of the brakes does not create an immediate safety hazard, it will lead to faster wear of the brakes. The company also conceded that there is also a possibility that the entire front brake assembly could become loose and the brakes could fail to operate. For Houston residents, contact a Houston personal injury lawyer if you have been a victim of equipment failure in a vehicle.

Rear Brake Assembly Different from Front Brakes

According to industry experts, rear brakes are typically not as robust as the brakes that are installed on the front tires of vehicles. This is because the majority of the load is put on the car’s front brakes as the vehicle’s weight shifts forward when it stops. General Motors’ vehicles’ rear brake rotors are a full quarter inch thinner than the brake rotors that are installed on the front tires.

New Models Recalled

The vehicles that have been recalled are so new that most of them are still sitting in dealer lots. Of the 8,208 that were manufactured in the United States, only about 1,700 are actually in the possession of owners. Approximately 400 of the vehicles are located in either Canada or Mexico. According to General Motors, only, “a very small percentage” of the cars that have been recalled will actually have the mistake. The manufacturer is providing all owners whose cars have been impacted with access to free replacement cars while their vehicles are being inspected and repaired. A GM compensation fund has implemented recently to compensate victims.

Rapid Rise in Recalls

In the last few months, General Motors has been facing increased scrutiny as a result of their recall actions. In the early part of the year they recalled 2.6 million vehicles due to a dangerous faulty ignition switch. Since that time the recall notices have been issued nearly every day for a variety of other defects. Recalled vehicles in the last few months have included 303,000 commercial vans for faulty passenger-side air bags, almost 64,000 Cadillac XTS sedans because of a problem with the braking system, 1.18 million SUVS with airbag problems, 172,000 Chevy Cruze sedans with right front wheels that can come off, almost 52,000 crossover SUVS with inaccurate fuel gauges, and over 56,000 Saturn Auras with transmission cable problems. Visit for more detailed information on the recalls.

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